Friday, May 16, 2014

Other publishers' broadsides of Gerald Lange

In the last several years, work by Gerald Lange has appeared in broadside form, printed by other publishers:

A poem published by The Bieler Press as a postcard size broadside, Incident was released in 1981, when Lange was working out of St. Paul, Minnesota. Thirty-three years following the Bieler Press printing!!! this was recently released by Carolee Campbell of Ninja Press in an letterpress printed edition of 75 signed and numbered copies. This is part of Ninja Press' Alphabet Broadside series. 2014. [Lange's Incident was originally published by The Fault magazine (#4) in 1973. Tip o the hat to Cheryll Fong at the University of Minnesota Library Archives for finding the bibliographic data, much appreciated.].

the new god
Available from Farida Sunada of the Ophelia Press is a letterpress printed broadside titled the new god, which is a revised excerpt from Gerald Lange's article “Edition Printing on the Cylinder Proof Press: A Historical Perspective,” originally published in Parenthesis: The Journal of the Fine Press Book Association, Number 3, May 1999. This was a limited edition of 200 numbered copies signed by the author; 110 of which were a contribution to the Vandercook Centenary Print Bundle [2009], the remainder for distribution/sale by Ophelia Press.

Illustrations of the two Mars Rovers by Lange using random droppings (to scanner) of identical, varied length pieces of clipped book binding wire (each rover treated individually, creating sexual posing). "Spark of life" electrical coloration by Lange with pencil. For broadside of a poem by John Updike (originally appeared in the New Yorker) letterpress printed by Eric Sunada. 2005.