Monday, September 10, 2018

New edition of Printing Digital Type

The 5th edition of Gerald Lange’s monograph, Printing digital type on the hand-operated flatbed cylinder press, was produced in May 2018, by Chatwin Books, Seattle. The new edition is 114 pages long and includes several related articles [marked with an asterisk below] previously written by Lange. The paperback edition is available from the publisher as well as from The Bieler Press for $24.95 (plus shipping and tax–if applicable). Signed by the author upon request.


Part I: Overview
1 A Brief History of Photopolymer Plates

Part II: Photopolymer Plates
2 Technical Aspects of Photopolymer Printing Plates
3 Photopolymer Platemaking Equipment
4 Pre-Digital Typesetting Cautions and Considerations
5 Film Negatives and Imaging
6 The Platemaking Process—Preparation, Exposure
7 The Platemaking Process- Washout, Drying, and Curing
8 Storage and Care of Photopolymer Plates

Part III: Printing
9 The Hand-Operated Flatbed Cylinder Proof Press
10 Notes on Press Operations and Maintenance
11 Edition Printing on the Cylinder Proof Press*
12 Cylinder Packing and Makeready
13 Flatbases
14 Base Lockup and Press Preparation
15 Plate Registration
16 Rollers and Inking
17 Notes on Ink and Paper
18 Impression

Part IV: Working With Digital Type
Examples of font modification
19 Digital Type
20 Configuring Digital Type for Letterpress
21 Pre-Press Cautions and Considerations
22 Digital Type Foundries Respond to Letterpress*
23 Font Modification Sequence for Fontographer
24 Font Modification Sequence for FontLab Studio

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